Photo by  Flemming Laursen .

I specialize in non-fiction storytelling. I'm the type of producer that can generate original ideas by finding unique characters at the heart of interesting worlds. From reimagining existing formats to shepherding concepts from development through post production, I bring 10+ years of diverse producing and casting experience to every project I take on. My track record includes successfully developing two original TV series for the History Channel and National Geographic. 

When I'm not working in development, I'm directing camera as a field producer. I've worked across a wide range of productions from directing multi camera shoots on big budget series to serving as one part of a two person crew on micro budget documentaries. My long form field production work includes medical mysteries, environmental disasters, new technologies, cowboy competitions, families struggling with addiction and a follow doc on gold miners near the Arctic Circle. Recently, I've become increasingly interested in short form digital docs. My work in this space includes several shorts for the History Now series and several independent documentary shorts.

As an experienced freelancer, I believe in the importance of a strong and supportive community. I'm an active member of The Video Consortium and The Media Mavens. I conscientiously stay on top of trends in the industry by frequently attending Doc NYC and Hot Docs pro panels whenever possible. 

I'm open to collaborations and believe in the importance of passion-fueled side projects